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Steven Wu

Digital Nomad ( Developer / Web3 / Coffee )

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Steven is a freelance front-end developer based in Taipei with 4.5 years of experience in frontend development. He has passion for building products by incorporating data analysis and user feedback to improve user experience of products and platforms. When not online, he loves hanging out with his wife and dog and explore places with them. Currently, he is diving deep into Blockchain and Web3, learning new skills and building useful tool with friends. Meanwhile, also being a community moderator and collaboration coordinator.

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1991Born in Hsinchu (新竹), Taiwan.
2013Completed the Bachelor's Program in Computer Science at Seattle University
2013Worked at IntegralGIS
2018Worked at United Digital Intelligence
2022 to presentEn route as a Web3 Developer and Community Moderator

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Art, Music, Dogs, Web 3 / NFT / Blockchain, Photography & Filming

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